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VDE 8.1 – German Unity Transport Project 8 (Ebensfeld-Erfurt)

2014 - 2018, Rhomberg Bahntechnik

The VDE 8.1 project (German Unity Transport Project) is the centrepiece of the high-speed line from Munich to Berlin. The entire electrotechnical 50 Hz/16.7 Hz equipment was completed on the newly built line from Ebensfeld to Erfurt. The section includes an entire line covering 107 kilometres.

Various safety installations, such as tunnel safety lighting (TSB) and escape route signs and power supply, were completed in the 22 tunnels (with an approximate total of 40 km of main tunnels), including rescue tunnels and shafts.

Concrete switchgear buildings, including low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, were erected on the rescue sites and portals, with point heating systems also installed in the external areas. Two emergency standby systems from the overhead line were planned and implemented to enable the fail-safe supply of the GSM-R and electronic signal box systems.