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Preliminary planning for ESB-A at Ulm main station

September 2017 - March 2018, DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH

Following on from the planned connection of the new line from Wendlingen – Ulm to Ulm main station using relay signal box technology, further construction stages will be required to implement the final permanent construction stage. To achieve this, the existing relay signal box is to be replaced by an electronic signal box.

The ESB-A at Ulm main station is due to be integrated into a regional operating centre in order to also take into account additional ESB-A at the planning stage (Günzburg and Neuoffingen) along with the existing ESB-A at Neu-Ulm.

SIGNON was involved in this project right from the outset, providing the following services as the basis for the subsequent planning work

Basic evaluation and preliminary planning for the control and safety technology maintenance group, focusing on the following:

  • Planning of commissioning and final status of ESB-A, including alignment with BAST
  • Consideration of level crossing 70.3 (SIMIS LC)
  • Connection of relay signal box at Beimerstetten and Erbach (respectively Sp Dr S60), ESB at Heidenheim (El S), ESB-A at Neu-Ulm and ESB-Z at Ulm marshalling yard (respectively El L) and ESB-A at Albabstieg
  • Description of alternative implementation options and basic evaluation and preliminary planning for the required underground cabling services.

Consultation with the maintenance groups:

  • 50 Hz systems
  • Superstructure and structural engineering (KIB)
  • Overhead line systems
  • Telecommunications systems

Commissioning is scheduled for 2022.