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Metropolitan Rapid Transit Bangkok, RED LINE

2016 - 2018, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

The Red Line is a newly built MRT metro line in the heart of Bangkok. SIGNON examined the electromagnetic impact of the 2AC-25-kV-50-Hz Rail Power Supply and the medium-voltage systems (3AC 22 kV 50 Hz) running parallel to the Red Line with regard to the magnetic field interference and induced voltages in the line cables.

These examinations included the following:

  • Definition of most critical load cases in both power supply systems
  • Special consideration of load flow in 2AC-BEV system with autotransformers
  • Identification of relevant interfered cable systems
  • Calculation of magnetic field distribution
  • Calculation of induced voltages and preliminary drafting of maximum permitted interference lengths of cables
  • Scope of MS cables (current carrying capacity)
  • Recommendation of EMC compensation measures