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Improving security of power supply: Vienna tram system

2004 – 2006, Wiener Linien GmbH

The aim of the project – which was linked to a previous network study – was to develop and test other options for improving the security of power supply in terms of the system that supplies the entire Vienna tram network, including in particular with regard to energy efficiency.

An investigation was conducted in terms of what impact eliminating very long DC cables and replacing with new smaller rectifier substations might have on the quality of the power supply and on the energy requirements. SIGNON has been involved in several sub-projects since the start of the main project. Examples include the following:

  • Qualitative comparison of peak traffic times (morning rush hour) to optimise disruption-free operation and definition of a new priority circuit for the entire tram network
  • Quantitative comparison of entire daily traffic volume (over a 24-hour period) for the new and old circuit enabling the disruption-free operation of the entire tram network
  • Testing out the short-circuit safety