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ETCS requirement specification for NEG

Norddeutsche Eisenbahn Niebüll GmbH (NEG) Germany, 2020 - 2021

Norddeutsche Eisenbahn Niebüll GmbH (NEG) is a railway infrastructure company (RIC) that operates the 1201 line from Niebüll in Germany to the border with Denmark. Due to the cross-border traffic on this line, combined with Denmark’s plan to equip the whole Danish railway network with the ECTS, the RIC, NEG, will equip the 1201 route with the ETCS too.

SIGNON is creating an ETCS requirement specification for this. The European ETCS specifications, the technical and operational requirements of NEG and the infrastructure equipment and specific applications for the 1201 line form the input data for the requirement specification. The result is a technical and functional requirement specification, which covers the specific requirements and applications of NEG on the mentioned line in the form of suitable and tailored ETCS equipment.