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Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor: India

2017 – 2018, TÜV SÜD Schweiz AG

The new section, intended primarily for goods transport, is supplied within the 2AC-25-kV-50-Hz system. Covering a length of approximately 2,000 km, it is one of the world’s longest freight transport lines. The CP-204 section (EDFC-2) is approximately 388 km long. Even with the exacerbated conditions associated with the total failure of a substation, the intended train haulage programme should be able to be completed without significant extensions to travel time, whereby the length of the haulage sections is doubled to approximately 60 km.

SIGNON provided the following services overall for the EDFC CP-204 section:

  • Train journey simulation at 13 minute interval:
    • 6,500 t trains in single traction system
    • 13,000 t trains in double traction system
  • Load flow simulation calculations over 24 hours for freight train schedule timetable:
    • Scenario for normal operation of all network components
    • Failure scenarios for substations (UW), autotransformer stations (ATS) or circuit-breakers
  • Electrical measurement of components in the railway power supply (UW, ATS, OLA)
  • Contact line protection system (design, protection settings)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Rail return line:
    • Definition of minimum cross-sections of earthing conductors if a short circuit occurs
    • Determination of rail potential using SIGNON WEBAnet VEK software
  • Isolation coordination (railway power supply systems)