Designing overhead line systems

SIGNON OLAcad is a high-performance software platform that enables the fast and efficient design of overhead line systems for local and long-distance rail traffic.


Design with data

Use the track module to import routing data into OLAcad and use it flexibly as a three-dimensional track centre line (3D track object). This reduces the effort and errors that occur during the manual transfer of alignment properties.

The current version supports the import of alignment file formats *.tra/*.gra, *.mdb and *.aba. By linking mast objects to the interactive track, OLAcad automatically transfers coordinates, kilometres, radius, superelevation and more. Optimise your work processes and increase precision by automating data transfer with OLAcad.

The track module is now available to order. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A design tool for all types of overhead lines

Designing an overhead line system is a complex and demanding task. Our powerful SIGNON OLAcad design software simplifies the design process and makes it more efficient by using logical referencing of individual objects. With integrated libraries for different construction methods and different types of drawings, OLAcad can be used to design all types of overhead line systems.

SIGNON OLAcad was developed for designing overhead contact systems on railway lines and in large railway stations used by both local and long-distance traffic, as well as for designing complex crossings and tram depots. With years of experience and a willingness to drive innovation, SIGNON is your partner for railway-specific software solutions. Design with the professionals — design with SIGNON OLAcad.


Support in all areas of overhead line design


Future-proof your design by using BIM methodology

More and more projects in Germany require the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) – a cooperative form of working in which digital models are created, managed and communicated based on relevant structural information.

To make sure you can meet these requirements in the future, OLAcad supports the BIM design process right from the start.

Example of a 3D model of an OL mast

Exported from OLAcad with BIM module

Your benefits

Stay ahead of the game with OLAcad


Get the results you want in just a few clicks


Product overview and licensing models

OLAcad Ebs

Full range of functions with implementation of assemblies as per DB Ebs standard engineering drawings (continuous updating of changes to Ebs drawings, note: proof of licensing of Ebs drawings required for use)


Full range of functions but without implementation of assemblies as per DB Ebs standard engineering drawings

Additional modules

Our customers

Contact us - we will provide you with an individual offer on request!


Training by users for users

Our trainers use OLAcad every day for time-critical design projects where no two assignments are ever the same.

If you’re looking to learn about OLAcad quickly and efficiently, why not join our OLAcad training course?

Two-day initial training course with an intermediate knowledge transfer phase

Intermediate knowledge transfer phase: Over 3 to 6 weeks, you’ll test OLAcad independently (with our trainers available to provide support)

We also offer virtual Q&A sessions for more experienced users. Each session lasts around 4 hours with an OLAcad trainer/expert on hand to answer your team’s questions.

You can address any issues that arose during the OLAcad test phase. Our trainers will offer answers and work with you to find solutions that are right for your project.


Our trainers are professional overhead line designers who know where problems tend to occur

We’ll answer questions about your specific applications

We’ll provide comprehensive training documents containing step-by-step instructions

Are you new to OLAcad and need initial training? Or perhaps you’re an experienced user who just needs help in a few areas?

Get in touch with us and we’ll find the training course that’s right for you!


Get support from our highly experienced power users

Most support enquiries can be answered directly by our experienced OLAcad power users, or we can analyse individual problems by taking a look at your project files.

We’ll check any errors occurring, for example, by analysing your project files. We’ll tell you how to resolve the issue. If you feel something’s missing, or if you have any criticisms, suggestions or praise, just let us know – after all, clear communication is a core part of good customer service.

We are happy to help you.

OLAcad basic license for 3 months
incl. all modules (statics, solid display, ifc-export)
2-day training by our experts within the trial period
support (hotline and mail support)
single user licenses
one version – no updates

professional introduction without unnecessary initial frustration
in a complete package at a reasonable price
can actually be used in a small planning project within 3 months
afterwards without further training time and additional efforts applicable

can be used once per customer
Travel expenses of the trainers within Germany included, outside on proof

Why no demo version?

OLAcad is a powerful special software. Using it without knowledge of, for example, various operating principles quickly leads to irritation. A demo version for the usual 30 days makes it uneconomical to use in a real planning project. Due to the high functional density and versatile application possibilities, it is hardly possible to familiarize oneself with the software without expert support. It makes more sense to use the software in a real project after the training and thus get an insight into the many advantages.

Test package

We would like to accompany you intensively during your test period so that you can work on your projects faster and more efficiently with OLAcad.

If you are interested, please leave us your mail address here. We will contact you.

Interactive Track

With OLAcad® you can easily import routing data and use it flexibly as a track or three-dimensional track centre line.

Efficient designing has never been so easy!